Open up your own bar with these free bar stools (and a barrel)

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Look around at your apartment. You hate your chairs, don’t you? Sure they do the job of having people sit on them without completely falling apart. But what else do they do, really? They’re very boring. Wouldn’t your apartment be more exciting by reminding you of a place where you can get drunk and get into fistfights? Well then you should probably grab these bar stools and the barrel that comes with them before someone else does.

Just think of it, a bunch of chairs that you can sit around with your friends on like a bunch of angry, drunk, depressed barflies, but without having to pay for drinks at the same rate as you do at bars. Yes, it sounds magical. Plus, if you get the barrel, you have so many possibilities. You can sit on it. You can take off the top and fill it with a barrel’s worth of cheese puffs. Or pickles, we guess. Or, you can attach a couple of suspenders to it and wear it when the next recession hits and becomes a depression. Yes, the possibilities are endless, provided you do one of those four things!

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