Open thread: what Brooklyn salons will you visit to get fresh for spring?
If only a spring makeover were as simple as sticking your face in a flower bush

Any day now, it should be warming up—it has to, right? Here’s hoping we won’t have to suffer through many more fifteen hour long downpours (like this past weekend) in exchange for more accommodating temperatures. Even though it feels hopeless, spring will arrive sooner rather than later, and we could all use a smartening up, looks wise. So where are the best places in Brooklyn to get ‘er done? We want to hear about your favorite spots to get a mani-pedi, to touch up your roots, clear out winter-clogged pores with a facial, prep for the beach with a wax, recover from months of cold and discomfort with a relaxing spa day. Men, you too: favorite barbers, shave-and-a-cut deals? Post your tips in the comments!


  1. The best person to do hair color and cuts is Alex Simonov at Michaels Hair on 7th Ave. He is there on Tuesday. He does a wonderful job and is reasonably priced.

    For a very decent job on a manicure and pedicure I go to the FR Spa on 6th Ave and 14th Street. They are extremely clean and they are nice. I never have a manicure no matter what the price last more than a few days, their manicure held up just fine. Their pedicure was very good and the polish lasted long enough without chips that I needed to do it because it grew out which has never happened.

  2. Went, on a hunch, to Zac’s Beauty & Spa, Broadway & Myrtle (943 Broadway), last week. Got full multicolor highlights and a great cut, despite a language barrier and having no picture to show. Best my hair has looked for 5 years, and despite going to various upscale/trendy Manhattan places (usually via Lifebooker Loot). Like the neighborhood feel, zero attitude, and loved my stylist.

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