Measured drinking: Sign up now to take low-cost drunk music lessons in Brooklyn

Boozers, users and mus..icians. via Instagram user @gadolden
Boozers, users and mus..icians. via Instagram user @gadolden

Drinking and music have always been a winning pair. Just think of how good everyone sounds at karaoke after a few rounds, or how the best house parties are wont to end in hazy liquid jam sessions. Also, music festivals. Also, da clurb.

And on that note (get it?), registration is now open for group “Booze Music Lessons.” Besides providing you with yet another reason not to give up on New York just yet, this is an affordable way to learn an instrument, and comes with booze (not enough get smashed, mind you, but this is a classroom setting).

Since 2014, Clinton Hill’s Bantam Studios has been offering booze-infused, fairly low cost music lessons to lush New Yorkers. An eight-week session in guitar, violin, ukulele or mandolin is just $200, which breaks down to about $22/class. Pretty decent, especially considering the studio’s instrument is yours to take home for the duration of the session and two glasses of wine/beer per class are included in the price. FWIW, it’s also a nicely-packaged social experience that far exceeds Netflix binges and sad man open mics alike.

Lessons are available in violin, guitar, ukulele and mandolin. Classes begin as early as Sept. 12, and all culminate in a final recital at Littlefield in Gowanus on Nov. 13. Not to worry if you can’t even carry a tune (yet): levels range from Absolute Beginner to Super Advanced and vary by instrument.

You’ve got nine days left to register for lessons, and they regularly sell out, so get at this asap. And before you know it, you too will have the aware-withal to compose politically-minded parody folk music about millennials.

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