If you’re feeling bad about rent, you can at least be glad you don’t live in Boston

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Ah Boston, you ain’t so bad, except for when it comes to the thought of actually living there, which, ugh, no. Our nation’s most bro-friendly city gets a lot of flack from us New Yorkers, some of it deserved, some of it just being mean, some of it because it looks like their streets were laid out by a 5-year-old with a spirograph.

So whatever your thoughts on Boston are, here’s a reason to be glad you don’t live there: Much of the rent in the city is more expensive than Brooklyn’s, according to this report in Metro. And with that 2am last call time, there’s even less time to drink away your sorrows. 

Prices of one-bedroom apartments in downtown, West End, South Boston and Chinatown are all pricier than all of Brooklyn except Brooklyn Heights, according to data from real estate website Zumper. That’s even as Brooklyn rent increases hit new records. Metro reports:

Construction cranes are a fixture in downtown Boston, which contains some of that city’s most historic sites as well as its centers of business, government and shopping. The median one-bedroom rental goes for $3,300 per month, putting the neighborhood well below one of New York City’s priciest neighborhoods, Tribeca, where median one-bedroom rents are $4,700. Downtown Boston is still above one of Brooklyn’s trendiest areas, Williamsburg, which has a median one-bedroom rent of $2,900.

It’s a bit of a surprise that rents in Boston, lacking the media/financials/entertainment magnetism of New York would stack so high in rent, but then again, why would rent surprise anyone any more. Soon no major city on the eastern seaboard will be affordable for anyone who doesn’t live in a hedge fund maze or a condo made out of human bones. Hey but at least we don’t have to shovel out parking spots every winter or have to deal with the awkward legacy of Curt Schilling.

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