Not afraid of no ghost? New show casting (obnoxious) ghost hunters

Have you seen this ghost? A new reality show wants you
Have you seen this ghost? A new reality show wants you

Say you’re the type to hang around haunted Brooklyn locations. Maybe you’ve spent a few nights doing seances, and trying to convince your friends that those spooky noises you hear in the subway aren’t rats or things settling, they’re actually the spirits of vengeful commuters. And maybe you’ve taken your thoughts on this matter a bit far and have been hunting ghosts in your spare time. Well fortunately for you, your belief in the paranormal could be your ticket to reality TV fame, because a casting company is looking for “unconventional” ghost hunters.

The casting call on Blonde Gotham’s casting page doesn’t go into what an unconventional ghost hunter is, but we imagine it’s someone who doesn’t use proton packs or expertly deployed quips written by Harold Ramis. But seriously, don’t come with the standard ghost hunting protocols, the casting call is very specific in looking for “black sheep” and people who piss off the greater ghost hunting community. So if you fancy yourself a real life Peter Venkman, and have caught the ghosts to prove it, fill out their contact form and make sure your equipment is in tip-top shape. Wouldn’t want to get slimed on television, after all.

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