Northside Media will pay you $500 to paint their creepy white walls

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This wall needs some paint from you

Everyone loves moving. The hard part is decorating. Right? Right. That’s why the folks over at Northside Media Group, the people who bring you Brooklyn Magazine, L Magazine, the Northside Festival and SummerScreen (among other cool things you probably enjoy as a fun, fashionable Brooklynite) are looking for someone to paint the walls of their new office space in Downtown Brooklyn, and they’re willing to pay $500 for it. 

Northside just moved from their tiny DUMBO loft to a nice, big, painting-deprived space and they need a muralist to brighten it up. The mural must be pretty and meet the following criteria: it is roughly 9 feet high and 15 feet wide; it features the words “Northside Media Group” in a prominent place. That’s it! $500 doll-o, in yo’ pock-o.

Submissions are being accepted from now through May 12, 2014 (send to editor [at] northsidemediagroup [dot] com with “NSMG Mural” as the subject line) and should include samples of your previous work, a written explanation of what you will be gracing their entryway with, and maybe a sketch of the proposed design, if you feel like it (not required, but probably a good idea). Oh, and no Brooklyn Bridge or Grimaldi’s pizza. That’s not cool, man.

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