Seeking BK’s best DIY (but not necessarily low-budget) films

From 2011's winning film Echotone.

If you made a film in the past three years on a Brokelyn budget, you should totally submit to this year’s Northside DIY Film Festival, part of The L Mag’s huge north Brooklyn arts fest. But know this: you’re likely to be outdone (or at least outspent) by your ultra-indie fellows, because according to the fest, “DIY” means “budget under $100,000.” And while obviously 100k isn’t going to buy you blockbuster production values — for context, last year’s Best Picture winner came in at $15 million — it’s not exactly the man-and-a-camcorder budget “DIY” seems to imply (not-so-DIY studio Paramount, after all, has an under $100k “micro-budget” division).

Which isn’t to say the prize will go to the highest bidder. If we learned anything from Westminister, it’s that great dogs/movies can come in small packages/budgets.

If you’re game, send your submission and your $10 processing fee to the folks at Northside by April 15 for your chance at $500 (pay an actor?) and cinematic glory.

In a world where Brooklyn DIY means under $100,000 ($20,000 for shorts), that cash prize might not take you far, but you can’t put a price on the artistic cred — in addition to a new line on your resume, you get a “premiere engagement and screening” at Nitehawk and a spot in the annals of Williamsburg history. Also, for what it’s worth, last year’s winner went on to get a really good review from the NYT.

Ready to enter? Read up on the details here.

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