New study finds ‘friends with benefits’ not actually beneficial

Friends, no benefits

A new Harvard study tackled that timeless question: does the friends with benefits (FWB– notĀ SWV) situation actually work? After coming down firmly on the side of party bros everywhere, this time science is coming on the scene all Professor Buzzkill, at least if you put a premium on “feelings” and “open communication” as opposed to just straight banging.

The Atlantic reportsĀ that researchers at Harvard, Syracuse and Purdue surveyed 376 people online, half of whom were in a FWB situation, and half who were in a long term relationships and found that the FWB peeps were having way more sex (duh) but the LTR reported greater emotional fulfillment (obvs)

Basically, this study confirms what you already knew: a friend with benefits just leaves you emotionally dead inside, hoping for more when the other person just isn’t that into you.


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