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New season, new Instagram selfie: 29 Rooms is back in Brooklyn

As we slowly, slowly leave behind humid and hot temps for cooler weather, it’s time to switch up your selfie game for your dating apps, Instagram lewks, and whatever thirst traps you’re eyeing to set. (Hey we’re not ones to judge, you do you, sweet baby angel).

That being said, Refinery29’s 29 Rooms, a technicolor eye candy interactive art installation, is back. It’s a tactile, immersive art exhibit loaded with visceral fun, bright colors that centers around the theme, “Expand Your Reality.”

Get enchanted, explore, and dive deep into creativity and diverse storytelling that aims to connect attendees with new ideas and themes of self-expression. Pretty dope, no?

Since we’re all about immersive experiences, it’s high time to let go and become a part of the art process. At 29 Rooms, the attendee becomes the art and the artist at the same time. Explore nuances in creativity and identity as you saunter through each room.

Tickets start at $39 for general admission and if you feel like springing for some hot VIP status, plunk down $129, which includes three cocktails and a surprise performance. The mystery abounds…

Snap your epic selfie until this weekend and next, until September 16.

29 Rooms
588 Baltic Street
September 6 to 9 and September 13 to 16, 11 am-10 pm

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