New Google map pinpoints DUMBO’s public art

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See those dots? Those dots are art. Well, those dots REPRESENT art.

Do you have family or friends in town who are hectoring you about taking them out to see art in Brooklyn, but you don’t have the time because some of us have to work? Or are you just curious about the sights to see in DUMBO lately? Well hey good news, there’s a new map that was put together by Two Trees that pinpoints where DUMBO’s public art is, that you can use yourself or give to your family. The map even gives a little preview of the art, just in case you were thinking, “I don’t want to trek out and have this art be some bullshit.”

The Google Map shows off previews of wall art from the like of Shepard Fairey and Yuko Shimuzu that you can find running under the BQE, along with other scattered public works that aren’t murals, like Nick Hornby’s (the other Nick Hornby) BIRD GOD DRONE and Grayson Cox’s Half Story Mountain. So the map is pretty cool, whether you’re actually heading to DUMBO or want to waste time in your office giving yourself a virtual tour while you sigh and look at the clock and wonder if it’s five o’clock yet.

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