New book of Sandy pictures will donate all royalties to Occupy Sandy

This photo can be yours, plus Occupy Sandy can do more good. via #Sandy
This photo can be yours, plus Occupy Sandy can do more good. via #Sandy

One thing that came out of Sandy, aside from the life lesson that you can count on your neighbors and not the federal government, was a whole lot of photography. Makes sense, since we live in a media capital, superstorms like that are rare and what else were we gonna do, go to work? Now one gallery that collected the best iPhone pictures from the storm is coming out with a photography book featuring the pictures, with all the royalties from the book sales going towards Occupy Sandy.

As explained in their video, the FOLEY Gallery is no stranger to helping Occupy Sandy help people, having previously donated $19,000 from photo sales from a previous exhibition to the do-gooders. Occupy Sandy is still plugging away at helping people rebuild after the storm, so this is a pretty useful endeavor. The book, called #SANDY, is no joke either, with 100 great, haunting photos that can help remind you how bad things were in the days and weeks after the storm.

The book is due for the general public in 2014, but anyone who purchases it through the IndieGoGo will get the books around the one year anniversary of Sandy making landfall, in October this year. And these aren’t pictures from just anyone’s Instagram or iPhones. The photographers are established, award-winning photogs, who know how to make their iPhone pics look better than what you can do with a normal camera. So, before everyone forgets how much work Occupy Sandy is out there doing, let’s give them another funding push.

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