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New at city recreation centers: $25 memberships for 18-24 year olds

What? Ping pong is fitness
What? Ping pong is fitness

Young people! Gather around and listen: getting up and doing some kind of physical activity is good for you in the long run. But if jogging bores you or you just want to show off how much you can work out in front of other people, a gym might be your best bet. And the now the Parks Department is making it even easier for you to get to a gym with a $25 membership in their recreation centers for the year, for anyone between the ages of 18 and 24. Man, the youth of this county have it easy.

You don’t need to negotiate your way into lower prices or take advantage of free gym trials anymore, not with you getting access to nine recreation centers scattered around Brooklyn. Plus, a yearly membership will get you into any one of the city’s twelve indoor pools for free, so don’t throw out that bathing suit after Labor Day.

The centers themselves sound pretty great. In addition to normal boring gym stuff like weights and fitness machines, they’ve also got game rooms with pool and, as seen above, ping pong! You ever seen an out of shape ping pong¬†aficionado?¬†We haven’t either! So we’d recommend taking advantage of this offer heading to a recreation center and signing up for this if you can. Because the minute you turn 25 and have to start paying normal gym fees, you’re going to lose all interest in working out.

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