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New app gets you a happy hour when it’s convenient for you

Finally, have good times like this on your schedule and not the bar's schedule
Finally, have good times like this on your schedule and not the bar’s schedule

Happy hour, we all love happy hour because it means cheap booze. And what is life without cheap booze? Honestly a horrible nightmare that shouldn’t even be contemplated, so we’ll just stop doing that. Sometimes though, you have the kind of schedule that keeps you away from bars around those magic three or four hours where the prices are shaved the booze flows extra fast. A bunch of enterprising young people have heard your cries though and have made a new app, Happy, that gets you an hour of happy hour-priced drinks when it’s convenient for you. Either that’s the best part, or the fact that it’s free is the best part, we’re not sure.

The thing that makes Happy great is that instead of being limited to a bar’s normal happy hour, the bars pick time ranges you can use it, so if you want $1 off your wine or $2 off a draft beer at a participating bar, all you have to do is go there during the time the deal is offered, hit the “Let’s get Happy” button and a countdown clock starts, giving you an hour to take advantage of the deal the bar is offering. Deals like $3 drafts and $4 wine at Williamsburg’s Lodge between 11am and 5pm and $1 off beers and 2-for-1 mixed drinks at Fort Greene’s Annex between 7am and 11pm. So your standard happy hour, but on your schedule.

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“Happy hour whenever I want? Surely there’s some kind catch,” you’re saying, because oh aren’t you a terrible cynic. So fine yes, there’s a couple catches. You can’t just keep using it over and over in the same bar, once your hour is done, you’re done for the day. Also you can only do it at participating bars, but as the map above shows, the folks at Happy have rounded up a decent number of local bars. They’re also working on adding more neighborhoods and more bars, so speak up if you’ve got some ideas, they’re happy to hear from you. Get it? You get it.

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