Nerd alert: Get 60% off a subscription to The Economist with a Groupon

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Find out what eff is going on with this cartoon, for half off. via Facebook

The world is a complicated, strange place. Even if you think you’ve got a good handle on American politics and its various returning/successful philanderers, what about the rest of the world? The Economist though, now that’s a smart person magazine. And now you can make an economic decision worthy of the magazine by using a Groupon to get a one-year subscription to it for just sixty dollars!

Let’s face it: Reading sure as shit isn’t gonna help you understand the world outside America. But you’ve got to hold your own in front of people who talk about things like “the collapsing Euro Zone” and Kazahkstan outside of the context of Borat. Problem is, The Economist usually costs $150 for the year, and it doesn’t even come wrapped around a gold bar. Also you barely have $150 for food outside rent. Maybe you’ve got $60, in which case, why not use it to appear smarter than you are?

You can get the 51-week subscription digitally or in the traditional dead trees edition. We won’t tell you which one to get, since while the digital subscription is more environmentally friendlier, everyone will know how smart you are if they see you reading a hard copy of the magazine. Either way, this is cheaper than your other plan to look smart, by buying a monocle and a ridiculous top hat.

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