Mystery abounds at reRun theatre’s ‘Secret Film Club’

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An often overrated part about going to the movies that you know what you’re going to see. We don’t mean in the “formulaic Hollywood garbage” sense, we mean that the sign on the movie theater informs you of what you’re watching. The Independent Filmmaker Project, Filmmaker Magazine and reRun agree with that sentiment, which is why they’ve teamed up for the “Secret Film Club,” a new series of independent movie screenings where you don’t know in advance what they are.

Of course, you don’t have to go in worried that you’re going to be exposed to some cinematic version of Goatse. Or, well, maybe you do? It is independent film after all. Anyway, the movies have all made their way around the festival circuit, but haven’t been to New York yet, which only increases the mystery.

The first week of the series begins May 17 and runs each weekday twice a night until May 23. And don’t worry about getting ripped off: the first week of is free, so even if you hate the movie, well, you get what you pay for, right? Plus, if you sit in the back left corner, you’ve got a good nook for making out. But ah, you didn’t hear that from us. Wanna go? Just register on the Eventbrite page and then PREPARE FOR MYSTERY.

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