Moving? You might save hundreds by waiting a few months

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Don't pack up that car just yet

Did you know that rents in Brooklyn can vary as much as $600 depending on what time of year you move? That’s according to the latest monthly rental rundown from MNS, which is full of helpful info if you’re trying to figure out whether you can stand another six months of your roommates’ creepy cuddliness. The site also tracks price trends over the past year, so you can see that, par exemple, renting a Williamsburg studio in October is for suckers because July is when rents are lowest. It’s interesting that there’s no consistency through all the stats and each neighborhood has different seasons of savings: Fort Greene rents dip during the summer while Park Slope’s shoot way up, for instance. The stats are worth studying if you’re juggling apartment options and actually considering factors other than the nearest train.

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