NSFW: 12 sex toys under $39 for your spank bank

Just because you are a millennial living in an expensive city and working a thousand jobs to make ends meet doesn’t mean you don’t deserve quality sex toys to up your “O” game.  But there’s no need to break the bank to give your sexy bits that well-deserved special lovin’. Here are 12 toys that will make you come without any buyer’s remorse.

Support your local sex toy shop and maybe even boost your confidence by buying these in person instead of online. Babeland has one Brooklyn location, at 462 Bergen St. in Prospect Heights and SHAG Brooklyn is in Williamsburg, at 108 Roebling St. There are also a variety of sex shops in Sunset Park, but they are far less sex- and body-positive and are more just sordid bodegas full of porn.

1. Fifty Shades of Grey We Aim to Please Vibrating Bullet


Price: $13.00

Sure the books were god awful, but they do know how to make millions of ladies orgasm. Don’t let the size fool you, this palm-sized bullet packs a major one-two punch for your clit (in a good way). Expect intense orgasms, discretion and 50 shades branding printed on the side of your new vibe. But for $13 and endless orgasms, I think we can overlook the gaudy trademark.

2. Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly Kiss

Price: $17.00

We would all love to reenact Charlotte’s addiction to her brand new Rabbit, but do you have $90 just lying around in your room? Me neither. Meet the Butterfly Kiss, your new favorite vibrator. Stimulate your clitoris and g-spot simultaneously with this compact treat. Send some butterfly kisses to your butt and balls too! The flexibility of this product allows for anal stimulation making this toy one for the masses. If you are planning to use this product for anal and vaginal stimulation though, buy separate toys for each hole to avoid cross contamination and UTIs.

3. Glow Whip


Price: $25.00

No fetish should break the bank. Turn off the lights and turn on the BDSM with this glow-in-the-dark whip. Bring a twinkling spark to your butt (and other body parts) that you can both feel and see. Allow the darkness to heighten your trust and pleasure with your partner and show 50 Shades they don’t know shit about BDSM pleasure.

4. I Rub My Duckie Rubber Duck


Price: $20.00

Look, Ernie’s been spitting truths since we were toddlers. We all know his classic lyric, “Rubber Ducky, you’re the one, when I squeeze you, you make me come.”  This duck gives you everything you could ask for: orgasms, open discretion and cherished nostalgia. Display your triumphant duck on your bathtub shared with four other roommates knowing they are none the wiser to your orgasmatic baths.

5. Fuze Arrow Plug


Price: $32.00

Whether you are an anal-novice or butt-pro the versatility of the Fuze Arrow Plug will create intense orgasms and control with its sleek design and finger-hole base. Use the ring like base to insert your favorite vibrator for some fun backdoor pulsations, or stick your finger in the external hole to lead your plug to all your favorite nooks and crannies.  Allowing the vibrator to attach externally keeps your new butt-plug from getting too clunky and wide. Now (water-based) lube up, relax, and go to town on that butt!

6. Rubber Cock Ring


Price: $6.00

Never used a cock ring? That’s okay! Long story short a cock ring keeps the blood flow in your penis which makes your peen harder and more sensitive. Sounds great? Because it is! If you are a novice, start with this rubber ring first, you don’t want a metal ring stuck around your bad boy, yah know? Just a friendly reminder, measure your penis before graduating to a heavy-duty cock ring.

7. Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs


Price: $17.00

Love the idea of being cuffed during sex but would like to bypass the pain of actual handcuffs? Then this toy is for you. Their soft interior keeps your wrists comfortable and the cuffs are adjustable making them easy to use with any wrist and ankle size. Plus, there’s no key needed to lock/unlock the one who is cuffed!

8. Maverick

Price: $20

Shake up your normal hand-job ritual and dress up your peen with the Maverick sleeve. With hundreds of tiny nubs tingling your penis you are bound to love the new sensations engulfing your trembling member. Guess what, its reversible! You can share the new sensation by turning the Maverick inside out and going rogue in your partner for some tricked out vaginal play.

9. Fleshlight Quickshot


Price: $38

Sometimes you just want the feel of a Fleshlight without the whole Fleshlight vibe. This Fleshlight hybrid is easy to clean, easy to store, and open-ended, giving you a plethora of options when using your new Quickshot. Use it solo to up you normal handie routine, bring it into the boudoir with your partner to enhance blowjobs, the world is your Fleshlight oyster!

10. Pjur Back Door Silicone Glide

Price: $29.00

Uh yah, lube is a vital sex toy to achieve next level orgasms. This is one gem you are going to want to invest in. Its thick consistency and slippery longevity is perfect for backdoor play. Remember, silicone lube CANNOT be used with silicone toys. (It makes them peel apart and unusable).  And even though it says “back door” this lube is great for enhancing vaginal play as well!

11. Booty in a Box

Price: $25.00

Honestly, buy it just for the alliteration alone. Babeland has epic “in a boxes” for stellar deals. This one as you may have guessed is solely for that butt. The pack includes anal beads, two lubettes, and toy cleaner. The trifecta of anal play! Make it a gift for yourself, your partner, or a friend because everyone could use a booty in a box.

12. Purity Vibe

Price: $25.20

Not into the bells and whistles these new age vibrators are using for that coveted orgasm? Then the Purity Vibe is the toy for you. An affordable, durable, and easy to use vibrator with no hidden tricks. Pick which speed you prefer and go to town on your favorite sexy spot. It’s easy to control, easy to clean, and easy to come.

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