Can’t get Missoni for Target? Fake it!

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Zigzag scarf, $14.99 on Amazon

With the launch of Missoni for Target today, crazed shoppers have stormed the stores, crashed and already posted merch on eBay. So what’s a zigzag-despairing fashionist to do? As it happens, wiggly stripes are a bit of a trend this year, so here’s some Missoni-inspired stuff you can buy without breaking a sweat or someone else’s femur. For starters, you can fool everyone with a sharp-looking zigzag coffee mug from Sagaform, $12.99 on Amazon. Here’s more. (No, it’s not all super-cheap):















Joe Boxer zigzag scarf, $8.99 at Kmart.


Save your coupons for this brazenly Missoni-inspired INC. dress at Macy's, $119.99



Fringed kimono, $91.48 on Asos.


Zigzag print top, $19.99 on


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