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Bars We Love: Pet a pup at Mission Dolores!

Mission Dolores - photo by Flickr user kliff53
Mission Dolores photo by Flickr user kliff53

Mission Dolores    

249 Fourth Ave. Park Slope 347-457-5606

What it is: This former auto shop has turned into an awesome funky bar with outdoor space that is indoor. Does that make sense? You may think not, but it is truth.

Why we love it: You can go there and get the best of both worlds having yourself an indoor/outdoor bar experience. We love their selection of drafts and the fact that the bartenders are always super chill.

Who to bring: The openness of the space lends itself to larger groups or events. However, we’ve popped in with a friend or two and had a total blast. Two pinball machines provide some fun while you’re working through the beer list.

What to order: Grab a pint of the rotating cask beer.

Fun Fact: Mission Dolores loves to update their 20 taps and one cask beer regularly. Be sure to follow their blog in order to monitor when your favorites are coming out.—Emily Berninger

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  1. Richard Pontone

    Mission Dolores is the best bar in Park Slope bar none. Sure, there are other bars that serve way more draft beers but this bar has type written pages describing the taste, name and cost of each draft beer. What other bar does that?
    Also, their bar tenders are great. Crimson, especially, is the bar manager and she orders the rotating selection of beers. She knows what beer you want if you tell her what you are looking for and she gives free samples.
    Unfortunately, there is no juke box but the rest of the bar tenders are great, including Reggie, Brett, and Andrea. All are friendly.
    Yeh, dogs are served there as are babies but everyone is quiet, and keeps to themselves which brings me to one criticism. If you are looking to make friends, forget about it. You need to bring your own people there to talk to. The good part is that there are no loud Yahoos making a scene here.
    You can order food from the many take out delivery menus that the bar tenders will give you. I especially like the Taco place across 4th Avenue.
    FYI-you get free Wifi, and this is not a Sports bar although there is one and only one large LCD TV in the bar area which is mostly turned off cause no one cares to watch it.

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