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Mets celebrate Shea’s 50th anniversary with $3.50 tickets

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It’s a young baseball season, anything is possible and the Mets are…not horrible. May as well celebrate that fact and watch Juan Lagares patrol center field like a boss then. And you can do it for less than five dollars this weekend, because the Mets are celebrating what would be the 50th anniversary of Shea Stadium (if it was still with us) with tickets priced like it’s 1964. What’s that mean for you? $3.50 cheap seat tickets for this weekend’s series agains the hated Atlanta Braves. Beer is still 2014 prices, sadly, but at least you can buy more with all the money you save on tickets.

The $3.50 tickets are available for the games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Promenade Reserved (cheap seats) and Promenade Outfield (really really cheap seats). You could also spring for Baseline Box seats, which sound nice but are actually still set back kind of far, for $19.64. Either way, you’ll be seeing a decent game, with the brave hometown Mutts taking on the vile Atlanta Braves, former proud employer of noted loon John Rocker and current owners of baseball’s most racist chant. They’re also good, so taking 2 out of 3 from them would be a nice surprise.

What Shea lacked in glitzy food option, sight lines and a Caesar’s Club it more then made up for in grit, character, gorgeous city views and playoff games played in its confines. So even if it didn’t quite make it to 50, it’s just as well to celebrate the stadium’s birthday with super cheap tickets. And who knows, maybe the Mets have had such struggles at home since 2011 because they’ve been worried about how expensive the tickets are for regular people like you and us.


    • David Colon

      Who knows? But also, who cares? If you can find me a ticket to a major league baseball game in a city worth living in for less than $7, I’ll eat my Ron Darling bobblehead doll*.

      *I will not actually do that, because I wouldn’t be able to stand to parting with it

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