Meet Miss Brooklyn 2010 (she’s not from around here)

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Hagan (left) and Miss Brooklyn Outstanding Teen, Joelle Bracco

Miss Brooklyn 2010 or Miss Recent New York City Transplant? On Sunday, this year’s Miss Brooklyn crown went to Mallory Hagan, a 21-year-old gal living in Bed-Stuy who dazzled, tap-danced and took the pageant title like a pro, which, it seems she is. In Alabama. Before Sunday, Hagan was known most recently as Miss Chattahoochee Valley 2008 (Alabama). Before that, as Miss Smiths Station Outstanding Teen 2006 (also Alabama). Clearly, Hagan knows how to win pageants, and she’s got talent, for sure. So that covers the “Miss,” but Brooklyn? The competition doesn’t even require its contestants to live here.

The official rules say: “Contestants… who live, attend school or work in the Five Boroughs of New York are eligible to compete.” As for proving their BK-cred at the competition, contestants are asked only things like their favorite stuff to do, their favorite park, who the borough president is.

While Hagan at least lives in the right borough, unlike the 2008 winner, she’s only been here since Oct. 2008, raising questions of beauty-pageant carpetbagging.

Pageant officials said that they had a bunch of new entries this year owing to our advance coverage, so maybe we’re a little disappointed that the winner wasn’t a groovy graphic designer wearing a 1940s dress from Beacon’s Closet, or even some opera singer from Bensonhurst. But does anyone else think it’s a little off that our new Miss Brooklyn was wearing a Miss Chattahoochee Valley sash just two years ago? Or are we being too provincial?

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  1. Big deal, who IN New York is FROM New York, anyway? We’re ALL transplants at some point! Besides, according to preliminary Census findings, Brooklyn is the fastest growing borough in NYC-we can’t help it if

  2. i’ve been knowing “miss brooklyn” for a while now and i CAN say that she’s been visiting, taking class and attending camps in NYC since she was a young teen….with that said, her dream has always been to live in NYC…so why hate on someone who wants to represent Brooklyn…she’s lived here since coming to NYC and loves it….just wait and you’ll see-she’s smart, talented and genuine…

  3. Not too many people in Brooklyn were born in Brooklyn AND that is what makes it soooooo special. HOWEVER once you live in Brooklyn you automatically come from Brooklyn. Brooklyn becomes who you are. Mallory you are a true Brooklynite, besides being a true American. How many Brooklynites can say that.

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