Shabbat dinner in Crown Heights unites Grindr prospects

Challah back. Original photo via flickr user slgckgc (edited)
Challah back. Original photo via flickr user slgckgc. Edited by Sam Corbin

It’s not that sex and religion don’t mix, it’s just that they’re a pretty unlikely pair. Guess that’s why this thing called Grindr Shabbat is so ingenious.

Here’s what’s happening: a growing community of young LGBTQ Jews in the borough, sourced through the dating app Grindr by a twenty-something rabbi (Matt Green), gathers once a month for this very special Shabbat evening, which begins with services and ends with a house party. Well, let’s be honest, it probably ends with more than that.

The whole night is free, including dinner and drinks. And this month’s installment goes down (ooh) tomorrow night, Friday October 30. Services begin at 7 and dinner starts at 8:30pm. But you don’t have to go to any of that, you can just come scope out the house party for dating prospects.

We gotta admit, while it may be weird, it’s kind of a foolproof system: fill a room with like-minded religious millennials looking for sex. All you gotta is take off your shirt and find your bashert. RSVP to mgreen [at]

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