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Marvel resurrects free comics giveaway

You've got another shot to nail this
You’ve got another shot to nail this

There was a time when Marvel differentiated itself from their rival DC by refusing to play the resurrection game. If a character died, that character stayed dead. Then they killed off Spider-Man’s first love, Gwen Stacy, which pissed off a whole bundle of people. Then brought her back as a clone, which led to the execrable “Clone Saga.” The less said about that dark chapter the better. But, at while Marvel’s first attempt at getting around their cardinal rule failed, they’ve learned, and now are ready to bring back a previously dead and popular storyline: remember those 700 free first issues that crashed Comixology’s website? Marvel’s giving it another shot.

Just like last time, you can get yourself 700 free first issues of a whole mess of Marvel lines. Including Brooklyn’s own Hawkeye, still. But this time, instead of making things a free-for-all, if you register your email address with Marvel by 11:59pm tonight, they’ll send you instructions on how to download the issues on Thursday. Apparently they’re going to stagger access this time, so a million people don’t try to download everything at once. And hey, if this is a mess again? Well, it’ll still be Marvel’s second-most disappointing event behind Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum.

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