Marty till the break of dawn!

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Another terrible iPhone picture of the swearing in, this time on the jumbotron.

You can’t tell this from looking at the picture, but hidden in the glare of the spotlight is Borough President Marky Markowitz being sworn in by Mayor Mike at the Park Slope Armory last night. The photo is so awful because we were actually on stage behind them at this fancy shmancy politico-love-fest!

Yep, Brokelyn was one of the 60 individuals and groups honored by Marty at his State of the Borough address last night, an esteemed bunch that included novelist Amy Sohn; Brooklyn Flea founders Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby and the owners of the new Elvis-inspired Graceland Brooklyn hair salon, Corvette Hunt and Bethany Paul.

Blake Harrison, whose “Flocabulary”—a rap-style way of teaching language, math and even Shakespeare—is now in 10,000 schools nationwide got props alongside P.S. 272 principal, Dakota Keyes, who turned her F-rated Canarsie elementary school into an A in a short time. Speaking of miracles, Gravesend’s Joseph Tiralosi, who shocked his docs by coming back to life 45 minutes after his heart had stopped beating during a cardiac arrest, got a big shout-out too. “I can’t think of another example of Brooklyn’s ‘never say die,’ attitude,” Marty said.

We were also honored to share a stage with Mohamed Salem, Brooklyn’s only known Muslim owner of a kosher deli (salami aleikum!) and Mohammed Hashan, a sandwich-shop employee who refused to return Lindsay Lohan’s  lost Blackberry without first demanding to see her ID. “To make sure that something valuable was really in the hands of its rightful owner—that’s Brooklyn values!” Marty proclaimed.

Of us, the Beep said that “smart money says this popular venture will far outlast the recession itself.” Thanks, Marty! The not-so-smart money says so too.

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