On your mark. Get set. Go register for this cheap 5K for charity!

nyc runs
These are actually just people running to sign up, so move quick! via Facebook

Some people get an endorphin rush from doing charity. Other people get it from jogging. A few of you out there probably get that sweet, sweet endorphin high from both, and fortunately for you, there’s a good way to combine them, at the CHIPS 5K Walk and Run, hitting Prospect Park in September. Plus, for those of you looking to still do good even though you don’t have much to give, registration is just $25!

CHIPS is a Park Slope food kitchen that’s been open since 1971, serving meals to the hungry and giving women and children shelter with a small staff and a committed bunch of volunteers. Which, we can all agree, is a noble thing to do. You can help CHIPS out on September 14 by registering for NYC Runs’ charity 5K that’s running/ambling its way through Prospect Park, that’ll cost you just $25 to register for ($30 on race day).

All of the proceeds from the race are going towards CHIPS, so you can be sure that’s going to be $25 well-spent, especially if you totally embarrass the rest of the do-gooders with you and finish first by ten minutes ahead of the next person. It’s not about winning though, it’s about the charity (it’s about winning). Of all the things to do on a September Sunday, “charity 5K” ranks up there pretty high, definitely higher than “Get drunk in public and pull your hair out watching Geno Smith”

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