Make up for Thanksgiving turkey debacles with a discounted cooking class or two

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Heck, who needs the hot cocoa? via flickr user Bryan Ochalla

Thanksgiving dinner may be a thing of the past, but you aren’t out of the woods, no sir. Now there’s Christmas to focus on, and that’ll bring its own host of food-related challenges unless you strengthen your kitchen game in time for the holidays. Lucky for you, we’ve got a way for you to save money on your next cooking adventure.

In honor of Cyber Monday, our friends over at Coursehorse are offering a $15 coupon for any cooking class over $75. You can learn how to whip up homemade lemon preserves and marshmallows, wield alcohol in the frying pan, make a Momofuku-approved gingerbread cake, and so much more.

Just make sure the class is over $75, and when you check out, use the promo code CYBER15, valid thru December 2. That’ll knock $15 off your course cost, so you can save that money to celebrate your class graduation with a few beers afterwards.

Don’t forget, signing up for classes through us keeps the Brokelyn caboose a-chugging, so if you like knowing about cool things in the borough and getting cheap drinks everywhere you go and all that, you should probably take a class. Happy studying!

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