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Afford a movie date with a two tickets for $9 deal

guardians of the galaxy
They’re coming, the question is, can you afford to see them?

Everyone excited about summer movies? By “excited” of course, we mean it in the way that one feels dread before they bungee jump, as you weigh FOMO against taking out a mortgage to see a movie against the odds you get busted just downloading the damn thing. Well, if you get this here deal for a pair of movie tickets for just $9 at Midwood’s Kent Theatre (1170 Coney Island Avenue), you can see a movie and actually relax, instead of worrying about how buying tickets will affect your credit score.

Yep, this AmazonLocal deal will get both you and a friend, or you and a more-than-friend, into a dark and air conditioned movie screen for the price of one of you. It doesn’t come with anything like popcorn and a soda, but when you become a moviegoer of a certain age, you just start bringing in a flask and buying a medium soda anyway. Plus, you’ll have money to do that after saving it on a second ticket.

We know, we know, you’ll have to pick just one movie, out of all the summer movies (it’s Guardians of the Galaxy, btw). Still, the Kent Theatre is nothing if not up to date, so at least you won’t have to tell your friends not to spoil what happened in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or The Purge: Anarchy or Transformers Four: Yep Still Transforming. Or Guardians of the Galaxy, which is the one you should really be seeing anyway.

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