Make dating a game (FINALLY) with the Crazy Blind Date app

Crazy Blind Date: don't say they didn't warn you. via PSFK
Crazy Blind Date: don’t say they didn’t warn you. via PSFK

Remember all those laundry days when you walked around in public wearing track pants and a mismatched oversized sweatshirt? What could be better on those days then running into your ex on the street? We’ll tell you what: unexpectedly running into your next potential online date. That’s right, OkCupid, like your grandmother during the holidays, is once again intervening in your dating life by bringing you an app with a surprisingly honest name, Crazy Blind Date.

Here’s how it works: you create an account by telling Crazy Blind Date your name age, gender, and gender(s) you’re interested in dating, and then you tell it where you are and when you’ll be available. If someone’s around and is compatible based on all these aforementioned extremely specific requirements, Crazy Blind Date will hook you up. In short, it’s like if Grindr went the extra mile.

But here’s a catch: when matching you with nearby eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, the app distorts both your profile pictures, so that nothing can be discerned of your appearance, besides, “Oh, it looks like my potential date has at least one eye!” or “Ah yes, this user either likes to be photographed with cupcakes, or is a cupcake.”┬áThe app is available for both Android and iPhone users, so you can do some cross-platform pollination.

That isn’t the weirdest part of the app though. OK Cupid must have listened to one of those social media gurus always going on about “gamifying the user experience” or some crap, because after the date, you can buy “Kudos” credits on behalf of your date. Start racking these up and OK Cupid will start prioritizing you over other potential people to hook someone up with. This experience is going to be intense enough, but now you get added bonus of knowing that if the person thinks you’re a jerk, you won’t get matched up with other one-eyed or cupcake people. Sounds fun.

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