Make your apt sparkling clean with this deal from Brooklyn Sparkle Cleaning Services

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Make your apartment sparkle like this. Via

The words “Brooklyn” and “sparkle” when strung together in any other context would certainly be an oxymoron, but here, we’re talking about a cleaning service. Brooklyn Sparkle–say the worlds aloud, let them transform the odor of piss and garbage outside your front door into fresh flowers–Cleaning Services is offering a deal of $39 (at $150 value) for two hours of house cleaning. Okay, so maybe the piss and trash is here to stay, but now at least you can do something about the stank within your own four walls.

The company¬†uses all eco-friendly products, so you won’t have to compromise your well-being or the environment’s for the sake of shine. The deal’s only caveat is they won’t touch your stovetop, oven, or inside of your refrigerator, and won’t offer “move in/move out” services, which we assume means don’t expect them to clean up a year’s worth of your mess.


  1. Looks like there’s another Amazon housecleaning deal from HomeHelper Housekeeping Ltd.–$35 for two hours or $45 for three hours, but you have to be within 10 minutes’ walking distance of a subway stop (whatever that technically means).

  2. what does 2 hours mean? they just stop if they’re in the middle of cleaning something? how do you measure how clean something is in time?

  3. I actually brought one of these deal from Brooklyn Sparkle. The cleaners were super nice and they did in fact clean my stove top and fridge.

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