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Want a Lyft? Rideshare service debuting in Brooklyn with two weeks of free rides

If you see a car with a pink mustache, you aren’t hallucinating. This time. Probably. via Facebook

[Update II, 7/25: Lyft has come to terms with the city and will be launching tonight. Per Twitter, free rides for two weeks deal is back on as well.]

[Update: Lyft is delaying their New York launch]

Have you ever wanted to take a cab ride but also wanted to feel a little bit naughty while doing it? You could… well actually, there are thousands of ways you can do that already, but here’s one more to add to the list: Lyft, the Uber-competitor featuring a fleet of pink mustachioed cars, is coming to Brooklyn and Queens this Friday at 7pm, and it’s allowing early disrupters to enjoy rides for the low, low price of nothing (plus tip), just in time for the weekend.

Through their Pioneer Program, Lyft is offering new sign-ups up to $25 in credit per ride, with the number of credits determined by the number of sign ups for the Pioneer Program. That $25 credit should cover you for any reasonable distance within the boroughs, provided you don’t demand that your driver take laps to and from Coney Island like some kind of weirdo. As mentioned, the credits last for 14 days, so unless you’re feeling extra spontaneous (which is totally possible, because summer!), there’s no need to cash them in right away.

So, that naughty feeling we mentioned? According to the Taxi and Limousine Commission, Lyft is launching in Brooklyn and Queens illegally since they don’t have a license or permission from the city yet, and they promised they will use their “authority to enforce the laws and the rules” until they do. Lyft seems hellbent on launching this Friday anyhow, so if your ride arrives before you head outside, definitely expect your driver to stand outside the car, twirling its mustache like some kind of cartoon villain.

Anyway, if you’re feeling bad to the bone, but mostly lazy and cheap, hit up the Lyft app, and fight against the unbearable urge to Instagram your car when it picks you up with the hashtag #MustacheRide. Let’s keep this sophisticated

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