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Look so hot right now with free professional headshots from Mesh

You know, professional headshots, like a model.
You know, professional headshots, like a model.

It’s August now, which means you’re swiftly getting over those humid days, the hope you had in your baseball team is fading into oblivion (damn you, Mets), and you’re realizing that the Summer of You, the time you’ve enjoyed celebrating your relationship with your couch, is coming to an end and you better actually get yourself a job. If you were thinking of dusting off that neglected LinkedIn profile of yours, you’re in luck. If you just wanted to get a photo that’s actually from your good side out there in your continuing quest to get a date online, you’re also in luck. Either way, consider updating that 3-year-old profile photo with a free professional headshot courtesy of Mesh.

Mesh, a Brooklyn-based online dating start-up, is looking for a few good heads to get shots of, at no cost to you, between now and August 10. According to their call for volunteers, you’ll get as many photographs as you want, and you’ll get them all after they’re processed. The best part? They are completely yours to do with as you please. The other best part? You can schedule a time that works for you, because sometimes free really is free, and you’ll be helping a nascent dating company promote their new site.

If all you’re interested in is the photos and this sounds like a deal you’d like to take advantage of, practice a look that isn’t an ironic, obnoxiously open-mouthed smile accompanied by a thumbs up because enough with those already, and sign up at their EventBrite listing. Get ready to get fierce for the camera.

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