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Look chic for cheap at Housing Works Best of Spring event

These outfits will look even better on you
These outfits will look even better on you

As we’re sure you know, humanity is currently having a complete meltdown over the color of a blue and black dress. We’ve been taking meticulous notes to explain it all to our grandchildren when they eventually interview us for some 2nd grade project about their heroes, but we’ve also gotten to wondering where we can find a fancy chameleon outfit like this for ourselves. After all, there’s a pretty big thaw a comin’ and we can’t keep wearing this strategic blanket pile much longer. We’re ready to look shiny for spring, like we showered more than three times this week. Looking fancy, as with most goods and services though, costs money we don’t really have. That’s why we’re super excited about Housing Works’ Best of Spring event, since you not only get to dress like the aristocrats you should have been at a steep discount, you also get to feel like a good person.

Starting Saturday and continuing throughout March, Housing Works will have specials on fashion, furniture, and art at their twelve locations throughout the city, including their Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope shops. The event kicks off at their Soho location this Saturday, but if you want to avoid the schlep there’s one in Brooklyn Heights on March 21 and in Park Slope on March 28th, both from 12-8pm.

The discounts are pretty insane, like this $1190 Adam Lippes maxi dress going for $75, or this Miu Miu leather satchel bag going for $100, originally $1250. Admission is free, but if you’re a member at Advocate level or above, you can get in 30 minutes before the masses to really pursue your aristocrat dreams. Most importantly, you get to call yourself a philanthropist since you’re supporting an organization that’s been doing a ton of work to combat AIDS and homelessness for over two decades.

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