Local writer wants no scrubs, will not give them love

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Put this dude on your vagina’s Do Not Fly list. via Metropark

Ladies! Have you fallen victim to the subset of date grifters known as “broke-ass dudes with no shame?” Our own Karina Briski has dealt with them, and over at The Billfold, she’s laid out her case that women should want these mother-effing dudes off their mother-effing plane of existence. After all, everyone is broke, so despite the tiny lady boner that pops up at the prospect of a starving artist, there’s nothing but missing Oreos and missing towels down that road. This revelation occurs after a date with a guy ends with him not being able to pay for his own beers and then having the audacity to ask for a kiss anyway. The meat of her thesis:

Remember TLC’s “No Scrubs?” The late-90s pop song-cum-PSA which immortalized the type and provided tags for identifying one? In case you don’t, here’s a reminder: a scrub is someone who hangs out of his best friend’s ride, lives with his momma, and most importantly, “can’t get no love from me.” No love! So I ask: What happened to this zero-tolerance policy? Instead of left-eying Mr. Scrub, many women seem to have grown extra sympathetic to his plight. Because, crappy as it is, it’s a lot like our own.

To see Karina tell some bustas to talk to the hand, check out her out at Words With Beers tomorrow night, at Bedford Hill

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