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Live your supercar dream for super cheap with this deal

Hey girl, I heard you like to drive fast. via NewsOK
Hey girl, I heard you like to drive fast. via NewsOK

For anyone out there who moved to Brooklyn and really misses their car (why?) this Amazon deal could probably be for three hours in a Ford Pinto and they’d jump at it. But for those of us for whom driving is now an exotic and mysterious art, we may as well up the exoticism by hopping behind the wheel of a Ferrari

This doesn’t come from Groupon, but from Amazon Local, which apparently does deals? News to us. At $99, you’re probably paying for the tank of gas, and that’s it, so this really is a deal. What does it get you exactly? You get training on how to drive a supercar (Lamborghini or Ferrari) and then the opportunity to do three laps around a track, all courtesy of Gotham Dream Cars. So while no, you won’t be able to totally play out your Drive fantasies, you will get to drive faster than most people do. And no one says you can’t pretend that the cops are chasing you or that the instructor in the seat next to you is Ryan Gosling (or Christina Hendricks). You don’t even need to know stick, so don’t worry about completely screwing the car up, at least in gears department. You should still be careful about running into a wall though.

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