Life without subways: Free coffee and bike commuting tips today

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We could all use a coffee and a friendly face today. Via TA Facebook.

Finally tackling your fear of bike commuting into work today, thanks to Sandy? Transportation Alternatives is serving up free coffee and commuter support from 730am-11am on the  city side of the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges today, and possibly more days this week too. And the coffee is from Brooklyn Roasting Company to boot.

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  1. Saw those guys as I biked to midtown today. They ask you to sign a petition, which I would have done if the two guys serving coffee weren’t hitting on a bike commuter. :/

  2. Careful out there….I commuted this morning and most cars don’t weren’t even stopping or slowing down at all the blacked out traffic signals. If was a little crazy until I got up north of 27th st

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