Lena Dunham peaced out of BK for the West Village

Lena Dunham has left Brooklyn. According to Brooklyn Daily Eagle, the Girls creator reported that she left Brooklyn for new digs in the West Village.

One reason for fleeing? Dunham said she wanted to avoid the plethora of strollers and moms in her BK nabe. That’s kinda understandable. She went on to tell the Cut: “I just wanna live around old people who are not reminding me every day of my infertility and loneliness.” Again, completely understandable. Who wants to be around Instagram-worthy moms and tots when it’s just a source pain?

But, in usual Dunham-style, she can’t justify leaving Brooklyn without a faux pas:

“My whole identity was, like, Brooklyn, and now I’m like, Thank you, Lord. I’m back amongst my tribe, which is like old people puttering around the health-food store. If I never see another fucking person in a cool sack dress with their baby again…”

Tribe? Sounds a little tone deaf to us. Is her tribe wealthy white folks? Well, yeah. As usual, her tone and her reasoning just sound a little displaced from reality. At the same time, who wants to live around a bunch of kids? Can’t say we do.

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