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Learn all about Woody Guthrie’s life in old-timey New York tonight at the Brooklyn Historical Society

woody guthrie
Learn how the guy all your folk artist friends want to be lived

Despite all of the happy talk about how America’s economy is improving, it doesn’t really feel like it when you get your paycheck. If you’re lucky enough to even get one that is. Brooklyn has a hunger crisis, wages are stagnant and everything feels like one bad economic quarter away from getting back to hobo-heavy times in America. So, what better time to learn about Woody Guthrie’s time in New York than tonight at the Brooklyn Historical Society? At the very least, it’s a chance to luxuriate in the era when a humble folk singer with a fascist-killing guitar could still afford to live around here.

Yes, despite being a country boy, Woody Guthrie spent plenty of time living in New York City between 1940 and 1960. To teach you all about the times he spent here, his daughter, Nora Guthrie, will be at the Brooklyn Historical Society tonight at 6:30pm showing you where in New York City the rambling country singer lived, whether in apartments he paid for or couches he crashed on. As it wouldn’t be a Woody Guthrie presentation without some songs, the presentation will be a multimedia affair, with audio and rare film footage to go along with pictures of Woody looking ready to write beloved folk songs.

You can get all that history and maybe meet someone to start a folk band tonight, for $10. Will the pictures she shows off show that Guthrie lived in nicer places than you? Probably. Just keep in mind that after you go to this, you shouldn’t be talked into letting a self-described talented folk singers in attendance crash on your couch because he tells you that he could be the next Woody Guthrie and that could be your apartment in cool archival photos one day.

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