Learn unfiltered photo skills at two free workshops

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Wait, what do YOU use Photoshop for?

So we know you lurve that app on your 2011 smartphone that makes photos look like they were taken by your dad in 1978. But maybe when we’re Instagramming photos of Herman Cain, it’s time for a return to photo-taking basics, no? The folks at Brooklyn Creative are treating you this weekend with not one but two free photo workshops to help you get more digital photo skills besides just picking what filter to use. On Saturday from 6-9pm, it’s Photoshop for Photographers, a free first taste of the group’s four-week course on digital manipulation, where you can learn how to spice up your pics, stitch them together, give them fancy effects or just eliminate red eye. Then on Sunday from 6-9, check out the free Mastering Lightroom workshop to show you how to organize and retouch photos using the Adobe program.

Brooklyn Creative, 33 Washington St., Dumbo. Each class is limited to 15 people, and it’s first-come, first-served!

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