Learn to be a hero: take a Red Cross CPR class

Carlos Arredondo: first responder, hero, knows CPR
Carlos Arredondo: first responder, hero, knows CPR

It’d been a nice twelve year break, but Monday was a reminder that the world we live in is one in which some sociopath with a Twitter account can decide to leave a bomb next to you. Short of boxing ourselves into some creepy, Minority Report-esque world where psychics predict crimes, there isn’t much you can do to be truly prepared for all hell breaking loose around you. But you can do something: take a CPR class so that you can provide immediate assistance to people in the wake of a crisis. And lucky for you, the Red Cross offers exactly that.

The classes are all held at the Red Cross’ headquarters in Manhattan, but if there was ever a good reason to cross the Williamsburg Bridge, this is it. They have classes that run from basic first aid that teaches you how to treat burns, cuts and scrapes, CPR classes that teach you how to perform it on adults, children or both, and even a class that specifically teaches you how to use your training when responding to an emergency.

You can find when the classes are here. They’re $90 at the cheapest, but that seems like a fair price to pay for potentially being able to save a life down the road, because the world is just fucking awful.

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