Learn how to prepare your art space for the inevitable next hurricane

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This, sadly, will probably happen again. via Instagram user bymisterlynch

Will New York get hit with another hurricane? We try to stay positive around here, but the answer is almost definitely yes. That is the world we live in now, so we may as well just deal with it. And because so far no one has taken my idea to put New York on a huge raised platform seriously, there will probably be more flooding. Which sucks for everyone, but especially artists, who can see their entire livelihood get washed way in a matter of minutes. So, because they believe in inevitability  the Brooklyn Arts Council wants to help prepare artists for the next Sandy. 

Next Tuesday, the Council is hosting a discussion from 6pm, to to 8pm on issues like different types of insurance artists can be covered by and lease options they can work out with their landlords. You can also ask the panel, which will include representatives from Fractured Atlas and Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, questions about your current experience post-Sandy like getting screwed by your insurance company or landlord. Or just how to get along with them a little better, we suppose.

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