Late-season boots for weather-frustrated dudes

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Slush: your feet's worst enemy.

The snow is unrelenting and you’re pissed off: You’ve shielded your ears, body and hands from the brutal whip of the Winter Regime, but the one thing you failed to invest in at the start of the winter was a pair of waterproof boots. And your ill-armored feet are being tormented. You’ve likely had doubts about buying boots this late in the year. But with snow end in sight, it’s worth re-working the budget for a last-minute buy. For all dudes with feet yearning for shelter, here’s a list of cheap boots available at a store near you.

Unfortunately, prices for boots can be on the steeper side, but the operative word here is “invest.” So, that said, here lies a starter guide to some of the cheapest options available in the borough. Not since ’96 has the city seen snow accumulation as egregious as this. Shop now and you could avoid all the life-draining, skin-drying, feet-chilling forces of next season’s (and the season after that) brutal snowpocalyi.

Dr. Jay’s, 485 Fulton St, (718) 596-3577

At $30.99, you can snag a pair of Pome’s Sherpa-lined leather boots (at left). From the looks of it these boots seem well-equipped to handle even the most inclement of James Cameron-type abyss puddles of ice and slush.

Peachfrog, 136 N. 10th St, (718) 387-3224

According to Peachfrog’s vague, but nevertheless upbeat, website, they’re offering men’s Duck Boots for $39.99. Sadly, a description of the boots and its available sizes are not included on the site. Call ahead to see if they have your size.

Target, multiple locations
Coming in at $34.99, Merona’s Ryler Boots (at right) look simple, sturdy and relatively impenetrable. So when the next weather event befalls us, you can lace up a pair of your new Ryders and trek fearlessly to your favorite Brooklyn winter cozy spot.

Payless, multiple locations
The Ranier Boot cost $42.99, and, according to the implicitly vulgar product description, their tall shaft provides more than enough ankle support. Adolescent play on words aside, these Mosaic (as in like Moses) boots seem fully capable of parting just about any street corner Sea of Slush.

DSW, 139 Flatbush Avenue, (718) 789-6975 ‎

For $49.95, the most expensive of the bunch (but maybe the highest quality?), you can slip your frigid pups into a pair of Sporto’s Dripper Waterproof Shoe aka the unofficial Foot Snuggie. They won’t keep your ankles dry, but these shoes will surely go great with a fresh n’ classy can of Big Flats.

If you have any suggestions for any other Brokelynista stores that carry affordable winter boots, let us know below.

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