Help the Brooklyn Bike Patrol’s Jay Ruiz with his medical bills

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The heart attack didn’t stop him, so don’t let the medical bills. via Facebook

No good deed goes unpunished, as the saying goes. Especially when that good deed is devoting yourself to getting people home safe late at night by biking to where they are. Jay Ruiz, founder of the Brooklyn Bike Patrol, had a heart attack after pushing himself too hard and despite the fact that he’s recovered and the bike patrol is back, Ruiz still has a heaping helping of medical bills to pay. Fortunately, a supporter put together a GoFundMe to help Ruiz with those bills.

Crowdsourcer Ellen Baxt is looking to raise $3,000 for Ruiz, who she points out doesn’t even take tips after escorting people home. Tossing Ruiz some coin is a great way to help the bike patrol out if you don’t have a bike or don’t have time to donate to the group. After all, it could be you who’s asking for their help some time in the future, and you’d hate to not be able to call them because Ruiz has been thrown into debtors’ prison.

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