Are you ready to get addicted to jugs at the Brokedown Throwdown?

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The Jug Addicts appearing Sunday at the Brokedown Throwdown.

Are you guys totally, unbelievably psyched for the Brokedown Throwdown on Sunday at Public Assembly? Is your head spinning from the thought of freshly made grilled cheese sandwiches, a Sixpoint open bar, a yo-momma-joke-off and a ding-dang MUSTACHE RIDE? Fantastic, we’re on the same page. Let me throw even more exciting things into the awesome fire for you to ensure the best fall Sunday of all time: What would you say if I told you that not only do we have the awesome ukulele playing comedian Ben Lerman, but also a bonafide JUG BAND?! And that said jug band was called the Jug Addicts?! Well, we do. Jug Addicts and Brokelyn: a pun match made in heaven. A full Brokedown Throwdown schedule, below!

3-4pm: DJs Joel and Anna will be spinning some dusty ol’ cowboy tunes that they collected from hanging out in the Southwest, to accompany the Sixpoint open bar!
4-5pm: The comedic and ukulele stylings of Ben Lerman (check out his hilarious viral hit).
5-5:30pm: “Yo Momma’s So Broke” Contest and cheap costume contest.
5:30-6:30pm: The Jug Addicts!
On top of all this, it’ll be emceed by the rad, hilarious comedian Kevin Barnett, and feature a dance contest, the winner of which wins passes at for-real dance classes from The Dancewave Center!

Come and get your Throwdown on! I already have my hat picked out.

The Brokedown Throwdown: Sunday Oct 23 at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, 3-7pm. 

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