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Join WNYC by noon today to be eligible for a $2000 Trader Joe’s gift card

Brooklyn Trader Joe's
The card doesn’t let you skip the line though. via Flickr user Steel Wool

We all love public radio, especially WNYC and it’s soothing Brian Lehrer-inflected tones. But the thing about public radio is that they need money from common yutzes like you and me to keep themselves on the air. WNYC is in the middle of one of their pledge drives and has a pretty sweet offer for everyone: join today by noon and you’re eligible to win a $2000 gift card to Trader Joe’s. Two thousand dollars! You could eat for like, half a year with a $200o gift certificate there. Al you need to do is donate online or donate over the phone (888-376-9692) and your name is entered in the contest. Just a word of advice: don’t go try to use the gift card on a Monday or a weekend. Actually, don’t ever try to shop at Trader Joe’s on those days.

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