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It’s fun to join at the Y-M-C-A (with no joiner’s fee)

That could be you, working out there, getting fit. via Facebook
That could be you, working out there, getting fit. via Facebook

You want to find a gym to join and start going to now, so as to avoid the panicky frantic workouts you start in mid-April while trying to get your perfect summer body. But not just any gym. One where you can also find a basketball team to join up with, a pool and group exercise classes. Aha, the YMCA! And while usually a YMCA membership comes with a steep joiner’s fee, they’re letting you join without it through October 14. What are you waiting for?

Seriously, it’s a pretty awesome deal. The lack of a joiner’s fee means that you’ll be saving anywhere between $66 or $121. That’s money you can spend on monthly membership dues, programs offered at your local branch (which come with a discount for members) or hell, even going to the movies. It’s your big stack of dollar bills, you can do whatever you want with it. Plus, you still get all the awesome benefits of membership.

Brooklyn has seven YMCAs open at the moment, in Flatbush, Bed-Stuy, Park Slope, Greenpoint, Prospect Park, Cobble Hill and Cypress Hills, with one more in Coney Island slated to open some time this year. Remember, the offer is done for on October 14, so while it gives you a little time to dawdle, we’d recommend against it.

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