Open / closed list of Brooklyn businesses (please add to it!)

Here’s a random spot check of what’s open, what’s closed, and what’s open but closing early in Brooklyn today due to preparations for Hurricane Irene. Please add to it in the comments. We’d love to hear what you know about your local restaurants, bars, gyms, wine stores, etc.:

By Brooklyn Fine Goods, 261 Smith St: Open, candy tasting 1-5pm

Chase Branches: Closing at 2 p.m.

C-Town, 9th Street and Fifth Avenue: Closing at 2 p.m.

C-Town, 710 Coney Island Ave between Avenue C and Cortelyou: Open all-day, weather permitting

Duane Reade, all locations: open normal hours, weather permitting.

Fairway: Closing at 10 a.m.

Foodtown, N. 3rd between Bedford Ave & Driggs Ave.: Open until midnight, weather permitting

Foodswings, 295 Grand St, Williamsburg: Open until 6pm.

Home Depot: Did not answer phone

Key Food, 130 Seventh Ave. at Carroll: Open until midnight, weather permitting

Key Food, 120 Fifth Ave. at Baltic: Open until 8 p.m., weather permitting

Key Food, 242 Bay Ridge Ave: Open until 10 p.m., weather permitting

Khim’s grocery store, Driggs and 11th: open 24/7 today & Sunday

Lowes, 118 2nd Ave. (between 10th St & 11th St): Did not answer phone

Park Slope Armory YMCA: Closed

Rite Aid, Fifth Avenue & 10th Street: Open for now

Target, Atlantic Center: Open till 4pm, closed Sunday

Trader Joe’s: Closing at 10 a.m.

Here’s a list from the Ditmas Park blog of restaurants that are open and closed in DP.


  1. Carroll Gardens Pro Tip. Korean bodega at Smith/1st Pl. is open until 3 (returning no sooner than Monday) and HAS IT ALL. Milk, water, bread, Skor Bars. Also, this is a great reason to support the little guy. And if you’re in LA, enjoy your Saturday brunch. (thanks @mattrobard!)

  2. Guest

    My boyfriend is working the overnight shift at a CVS in Park Slope tonight. I’m really excited about sending him out into a hurricane for the 1.5 customers who will actually be going to the drugstore at 3 am.

  3. Anonymous

    American Beer Distributor (Thrifty Beverage) on Court Street has sign saying that they are open until 3:30.  I saw a lot of people buying cases and ice.  As of 10:30 am, Stinky Brooklyn on Smith was open (still had eggs, milk, bread, cheese, meat, etc.)  Smith Street’s Met Food was absolutely insane.  I’ve never seen it with lines like this.

    No sign of what they are doing at Cobble Hill Cinemas.

  4. Anonymous

    Cobble Hill Union Market was packed and said they were closed at “5 or 6.”  Will not open on Sunday.  Smith & Vine on Smith Street was staying open until 6.  The Italian store on the corner of Degraw and Court was opened and well stocked.

  5. Melody

    Foodswings in Williamsburg open for vegan brunch/lunch & dinner til 6pm. 295 Grand Street.

    Lucky 13 Saloon opens at 3pm today & will stay open as ling as there are customers. $2 rolling rock, PBR & Busch & Busch Light til 9pm! $3 after. Swing through for $3 hurrican shots! 273 13th street in park slope off 5th ave.

  6. brooklynpete

    Gnarly Vines wine store on Myrtle said on their email list they’ll stay open all weekend and will deliver as late as they can. Fresh Garden market/deli on Fulton St said they will stay open all weekend.

  7. Rebecca

    Quick Fitness in Greenpoint/Williamsburg is closed Sunday and opens at 10am on Monday. Natural Garden on Manhattan Ave is open as of 8:30 on Saturday and will probably be all weekend.

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