How you can help Christine, our Hipster Thrifter

hipster-thrifterFirst of all, Brokelyn would like to thank the readers who responded to intern Trevor’s plea to buy t-shirts, and we are still hoping for purchases from those who simply made salacious comments. Big thanks to Alex in Pensylvania. Mary in Kentucky. Gail in Queens. And so on.

Now we’d like you to meet Christine, another tireless Brokelyn intern who would like your help. Christine has spent her summer trolling shoe discounters without buying anything and scarfing up swag at the Siren festival. Wearing temporary tattoos because she can’t afford real ones. Stealing identities and writing bad checks. (Oops, sorry, that actually wasn’t Christine at all.) But you know what a Hipster Thrifter loves most? A good party. And that’s where we need your help.

The more t-shirts we sell, the better sendoff we can have for our amazing interns. Please buy yours today. Christine might sneer but inside she’ll be grateful.


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