How to spring clean your Brooklyn apartment in 15 minutes or less

Spring cleaning. It’s one of those tasks that you put off until the last minute like your taxes. But, once it’s over, you’re majorly relieved. We know, you live a busy life and you’d rather be doing thirty other things (or just binge watching a bunch of Netflix) instead of sprucing up your abode.

The truth is, cleaning doesn’t have to suck. Here’s how to spruce up your Brooklyn palace in as little as 15 minutes.

1. Jot down a plan of attack. A good spring cleaning isn’t about busting out every Macguyver move and cleaning your one bedroom (or studio) in seven minutes. From the night before or the morning of, make a few quick notes of the area in your adobe that you want to target. Just like the art of decluttering, you’re not going to tackle your entire space in one afternoon or weekend. Instead, focus on cleaning your stove, wiping off surfaces, or rearranging a shelf in your kitchen. Repeat this step as necessary.

2. Stock up on the right supplies before you clean. You don’t need to drop mega dollars on the priciest products. (Mrs. Meyer’s anyone?) But, you can head to the dollar store or your local grocer for paper towels or reusable cloths, spray cleaner, gloves (if needed), trash bags, and other items that makes your apartment bright and fresh.

3. Use a timer. Set a timer on your phone to stay focused. Whether it’s 20, 15, or 10 minutes, use this feature to keep you on task. And when the alarm sounds, you’re done. Free yourself from cleaning tyranny with a drink. We recommend a happy hour beer and a shot, but pick whatever poison you prefer. You’ve earned it.

4. Recycle, recycle, recycle. Odds are, there’s probably a few items in your space that are literally just taking up space. Extra cardboard boxes that you’re not using? Recycle. Plastic grocery bags? Toss them in the recycle bin at your local grocery store or CVS. Extra and unused kitchen items, books, clothes, or housewares? Donate to a friend, a shelter, charity, or set a curb alert on Craigslist. Living with less is also a good way to freshen up your space and helps to declutter your mind.

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