How to smell like Kate Moss for less

Picture 44When it comes to being thrifty, we’re like naughty parochial school girls—we’re mostly good, but when we’re bad… blah blah, you know the rest. So when someone gives us birthday dough, we have a standing policy to spend at least part of it on frivolous things that the budget doesn’t otherwise allow. This time, it was a bottle of YSL Parisienne—the delish new fragrance with the smokin’ hot soft-porn ads starring Kate Moss that we’ve gratuitously posted after the jump because we know lots of y’all don’t watch regular TV. The fruity-rosy-violetty whiff is advertised for $85 for 3-oz bottle of eau de parfum if you buy it through YSL, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, and the like. (The rest of the time we rub ourselves with verbena leaves from a Red Hook community garden, okay?) We knew, deep in our miserly hearts, that we could find Parisienne for a better price.

The challenge is that the scent just launched (we got hooked when a beauty editor slipped us a free sample a few months ago), so several fragrance discounters don’t even have it yet. Our search led us to Perfume Megastore for $77 (feh!) and then on for $72.99, (hmmm…) but we couldn’t find a decent coupon to compound the deal anywhere so we moved on. Then we hit, where we saw it for a minutely better price of $72.19. But then we hunted around for for coupons and found one for $10 off orders under $70 on, bringing the price down to $62.19. Plus free shipping (yay!) but $5.52 sales tax (only in NY, phooey!) we were back up to $67.71, still a solid 20 percent savings. Now where to find satin sheets?


  1. Beth Hoyt

    I haven’t tried this coupon cabin, but i do use fragrancenet, and they have amazing deals, and usually free shipping too. and then they always email you when you’re stuff is on sale (which seems like … every morning…)

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