How to help a homeless kid in Brooklyn

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There’s no shortage of local ways to spend your money this season, but what about diverting a bit of that economy-boosting cash to some of the borough’s neediest locals: kids living in shelters? The Brooklyn Community Foundation, an entirely Brooklyn-centered fundraising group that started up in October,  just launched its Caring Neighbors holiday campaign to help Brooklyn’s homeless kids have at least a decent holiday this year. The foundation is accepting donations for their Caring Neighbors Kits—packages of toys, books, and other educational resources that will be given out to ease the stress of being homeless. The city has more than 16,000 kids in shelters, the foundations says, and Brooklyn covers about 30 percent of that—including these four, very much in need of a few of those kits. Donations accepted here; those up to $250 to be matched dollar for dollar.

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  1. Another great organization that I personally work with is the Walter K Hoerning Endowment Fund (
    Exceptionally bright but disadvantaged kids only on in BK are given extra curricular courses to take like music and art. Its a great organization!

  2. Anything the Brooklyn Community Foundation does is worthy of our support. It’s managed by the same great lady, Marilyn Gelber, as its predecessor, the Independence Community Foundation.

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